Dawn Agrovet

Dawn Agrovet Private Limited, popularly known as ‘daplinc’ is one of the fastest growing Organic Formulation based Research & Development organization engaged in producing revolutionary products in the field of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Veterinary since 1998.


Our 100% Organic/Natural Products fosters the quality and yield in the cultivation across the Agri Farm & Aqua Farm practices along with ensuring better Veterinary Practices by developing better supplements across the globe.


Being into the Research & Development of Organic Formulation, Our core competency lies in White Labelling, Job Work, and Contract Manufacturing for catering to the large scale multinationals globally!


Our Vision

To develop World Class (R&D based) 100% Organic Formulations in Agriculture, Aquaculture and Veterinary Segments to ensure maintaining the balance in the ecology along with empowering farmers across the world with better yield and healthier farm practices


Our Mission

‘We strive to be to the best formulators and manufacturers of the 100% organic products leading to the best and the most cost-effective Crop cultivation across Agriculture, Aquaculture and Veterinary Segments along with maintaining the ecological balance to keep environment clean & green’

Working methodology

R & D Team

Our Research & Development team comprises of highly experienced scientists in the field of developing Organic Formulations from the Natural Extracts / Elements to find conducive solution to the current challenges in Agriculture Farming & Aquaculture Farming with the aim to design a product as a Solution to the on-going challenges in the most natural way keeping in mind ecological sustenance along with ensuring a happy farmer with the best of the Output in terms of Produce with the huge cost saving and thus adding into their happiness as well.


We’re investing in facilities and technologies that allow us to manufacture the most cutting-edge fertilizers and products for agriculture, veterinary & aquatic life to keep up with the ever-evolving business of farming.


Our prime goal is to deliver high performing environmental friendly organic fertilizers/Natural products that do not contaminate the soil, water or plant. And boosting crop production by providing quality plant nutrients and maintaining soil fertility and water cleanliness. Our Veterinary products ensure better immune system and healthy life for Animals and our Aquaculture Products create conducive environment for Shrimps & Fish to grow organically along with huge cost savings for Aqua Farmers.

Instant Results

Our 100% Organic (ECOCERT Certified) Agri products result show maximum crop yields. Multiple harvests per year are possible and plants are better protected against pests’ attack & soil drought. Our Veterinary Products ensure healthy life for Animals & birds leading to the higher yield in terms of increased milk production and better weight gain for Poultry in shorter poultry farming cycle. Our Aquaculture product stimulates phytoplankton growth and creates conducive environment for Shrimps & Fish to grow naturally leading to huge cost saving in terms of minimal use of aerators, feed, antibiotics & probiotics by ensuring 100% organic Aquafarming practices.


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