Amidhara Gold Granules

AMIDHARA GOLD – GRANULES contains Humic and Fulvic acid which are key ingredients of our Granule formulation. Amidhara Granules ensures enough moisture in the soil due to it’s unique water holding capacity so that plants get required nutrients on consistent basis whether in drought or surplus of water conditions leading to less requirement of irrigation in the farms.

Our AMIDHARA GOLD Granules is known to produce five types of positive results: Physical, Chemical and Biological, Economical and Ecological.

Benefits of Amidhara Gold Granules

  • Increases the yield and quality of crops including Plant & Vegetables.
  • Improves nutritional value, sweetness and appearance of plants, vegetables & fruits
  • Produces stronger & healthier plants; able to resist pests and drought conditions
  • Increases the freshness and shelf life of vegetables & fruits
  • Improves soil workability & reduces soil erosion hence assists in greater root development.
  • Re-mineralization of depleted trace minerals to the soil.
  • Increases germination and viability of seeds
  • Enhances nitrogen uptake by plants
  • Retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers and reduces their leaching
  • Lessens the cost of various methods to remove weeds from the plants.

How to apply

For all Vegetables, Seasonal Crops, Medicinal Plants, along with Floriculture and Horticulture.

Dosage: 5-6 Kgs/Acre of land


  1. Application: At seed sowing time
  2. Application: At Flowing/Fruiting bearing stage.
  3. Application: 30 days after Fruit Bearing/Flowering/UREA stage of the crops.                        

    Product Details

    Product Name: AMIDHARA GOLD
    Product Type: Granules
    Active Ingredient: Humic, Fulvic along with natural/organic nutrients
    Grade: Ready to use
    Properties: This fertilizer can be easily dissolved in water and can be used in almost all crops
    Usage/Application: In all Vegetables and Crops along with Floriculture and Horticulture.
    Organic/Inorganic: 100 % Organic-Certified by Ecocert India
    Shelf Life: 5 years from the date of manufacturing.
    Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate.
    Packing Details:  5 Kgs PP pouch. Customize Packing option for bulk supply available
    Sample Availability: YES


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